Perfectionist embracing my mistakes.


So I set this goal for myself.
I wanted to reeeeally push myself out of my comfort zone.
Way, WAY out there.

My new year’s resolution is to embrace my mistakes. 😱 (That’s freakin’ huuuge for this recovering perfectionist.) And to kickstart all my mistakes, I decided I’d tackle one of my biggest challenges…

Expressing myself with words.

I decided I’d do a 30 in 60 days blogging challenge. (Holy moly. I have to take a deep breath just THINKing about this.)

I write in my journal, but it’s just thoughts and emotions poured out as ink on paper. And those words are only for myself. I mean, I rarely reread them! (Really never.)

Writing for others?!
Fear. Lack of experience. Fear of sucking at it. Vulnerability.

My previous Response Combobox to writing:
Procrastinate. Dodge opportunity. Distract myself.
(Has my favorite author team dropped their new book, yet? No? Hm. What about my next 3 favorite authors? Nada? Fine. I can find something on Kindle Unlimited.)

Well, no more!
I’m finally letting myself make allllll the mistakes and totally suck at writing this year!
(This is a doozy of a baby step for me. More like toddler.)
I figure I have to start, then I gotta keep at it, and eventually, I’ll get better. 🤞 And then a bit better. That’s what they say anyway. I’ve even seen my favorite authors’ writing style progress in their books. (Important note: I’m not looking to write books. Ever. Not my goal.)

Blog post 1 down. 29 to go. 😉

2024, is yet to be written. And I’m actually looking forward to it.

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