The best How to Doodle instructional book. Simple, easy, minimalist style doodles.

Best How to Doodle Book!

I’ve always loved art.

Coloring as a kid.
Construction paper collages.
Learning to draw. (My dad taught me.)
Art classes in school.
Art history in college.
Then fashion design and manufacturing.
(The industry isn’t as glamorous as some might think.)

Anyway, I love making, seeing, playing with art.
I’ve read that HSPs are often creative.
I have so many feelings and thoughts, it’s nice to have a handful of outlets to express and release them. I recently found art again. It’s nice to have it back.

When I quit working in fashion, I stopped sketching. It kinda fell away for a while (a long while).

I started using a dot grid journal as a planner a year ago, and I found I like to play in it.
At first, it was line and swirls, geometric designs, colored pens and sometimes washi tape.
Then I wanted to draw again. I’ve always liked simple, minimalist-style doodles. They have a very clean look. And on top of that, they looked like a really easy doodling style to learn and practice.

At first, I searched and found simple doodles on Google images. But after finding and doing several of those, I wanted more… so I searched on Amazon.

And found this awesome, easy doodles instructional book by Kamo!

IMG 4029
Best How to Doodle book for dot grid journals

This book is set up with a years worth of daily doodle exercises. The illustrator breaks down the steps. It’s SOOO easy. Take a look.

Our homeschooled, 10-year-old daughter, Little D, also loves art. Drawing, coloring, painting, making, decorating, anything and everything. So I often doodle with her, and she’s started doing this book with me.

IMG 4025
Little D”s cat doodles are pretty good, don’t ya think?

Here’s a couple more pages from the book to show some of the daily exercises. I’ve been drawing each exercise several times and not allowing myself to use an eraser. Because I’ve decided to embrace making mistakes this year, I’ve also discovered that not everything is a mistake. And maybe my doodles and my art can be expressed without “corrections” this year.

Do you have any favorite how to doodle books? I’d love to check them out if you do!

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